Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday & Thanksgiving!!!!

Auntie Aurea, this one is all for you! I'm so glad you told me you check the blog b/c I was considering not updating it anymore thinking no one actually read it! I'm so glad you do :) Well, we celebrated Cole's first Thanksgiving and birthday all in the same weekend! We had a wonderful time hanging with family (finally not working a Thanksgiving!) and showering the little dude with first-birthday gifts! While he didn't enjoy unwrapping the gifts, he did enjoy playing with them all! He is so interested in lights and sounds. He's been walking around tables and walls, he crawls like a champ, and he says quite a few words, mostly dada, mama, yaya (for Aurea!), milk & dog (or a versions thereof) and he clearly said 'uh oh' on his actual birthday!!!! He's grown so much and each new phase is more exciting than the one before! It's been so much fun watching him learn to explore the world!

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