Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy *Belated* Halloween!

Well, I am waayyy behind on posting, but thankfully not as far behind as I thought! The month of October flew by for us with Halloween & packing. Yes, we made the decision to move our little family back to Tulsa and our house in Austin sold in a week! Soooo, we had to quickly pack and make home repairs in order to close on Nov 16. Cole has handled the transition very well, he had a few days of restlessness and not wanting to nap, but we think we're getting settled now. Here are a few pics from the month of October. Cole wasn't really excited about the pumpkin patch or dressing up for Halloween, but he did enjoy hanging out with the neighborhood kids before the older ones began trick-or-treating!

The picture of him asleep on the couch was out our neighbor's, Jack & Kelli. We had a wonderful goodbye dinner with J&K and Bruce & Angie. Our neighbors became like family over the past 5 years and we miss them dearly already. Hopefully this blog (and facebook) can help keep us connected between visits!

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