Monday, October 12, 2009

Falling into Fall

Cole has become one little mobile man & is getting into everything! He's learning to fall gracefully as he cautiously lets one hand go of the table (or whatever he's holding onto while standing) and he's quite the curious George. He is fascinated with opening and closing doors and pushing buttons on the stereo, it's quite funny b/c he's made Craig's stereo do things Craig didn't even know it could do! We recently realized he loves anything that makes noise as well as music! We took him to his (and our) very first ACL (Austin City Limits Fesitval...kinda like Edgefest only waaayyyyy better). He did great, even on Saturday when it rained all day! He was 'bubble boy' in his stroller w/the plastic covering! Here are some pics from the past couple of a couple of the pics he was helping us change out a sink faucet and hang curtains. There's another of him standing ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! While we were at ACL, Michael (Aurea's brother) was entertaining him and let go to see what he would do and he stood all by himself!!! He hasn't done it again since, but at least we know he can :)