Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Fall!

Cole will be 10 months this week! I can't believe it's almost time for his first Halloween! I bought a dinosaur costume and figured he could wear it while we hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. He looks hilarious in it, it's so cute! I think it's a stegosaurus, so when he crawls around with it on, it's perfect...we have our own little dino roaming the land! Cole has finally figured out how to do the right-left crawl, although he still gets around faster doing the 'inchworm.' He's got his bottom two teeth and the top ones are sticking through (I, of course, just had to sing 'all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth' and got the song stuck in my head...LOL!). I took this pic last week, we were laughing so much at his has grown a lot this past month. He was so excited to see the camera he kept climbing the side of the tub & even though he can pull himself up really well, he's not so good at keeping his balance. I think we both have been saying 'don't fall' more than anything else lately...haha!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family pictures

So, we took Cole's 7-month pictures (supposed to be 6-months, oh well!) at the beginning of July. He was such a little ham & had us laughing the whole time! We're already talking about taking his 1-year time flies!

Waayyyy behind

I can't believe it's been since July that I have posted anything. Well, in August we traveled to Telluride, Colorado with Mimi, Papa & other family for Carlyn's wedding and had a wonderful time. We visited our friends Jason & Aurea in San Antonio (including the River Walk...yummy TexMex @ Margarita's). Cole & I made a trip up to Tulsa for a long weekend as I transitioned from working nights to days (wooohooo)! Cole had his post-UTI testing done at Dell Children's & we found out that he's one healthy little dude & no surgery is needed (thanks for all the thoughts & prayers)! And, he had his first swim lesson. Meanwhile, Cole had been growing & developing by leaps & bounds! During the months of July & August, he has perfected his army crawl, he pulls up on furniture, doors, walls, anything and is practicing standing on his own by letting go with one hand at a time, he's learning to balance on his feet and walk around holding onto things, and he's also learning to feed himself and eat table food! He talks a little, although it's more of grunts (he has such a raspy little voice!) and the repetitious "dadadadada"! At his 9-month appointment, he weighed a whopping 15 lb 14 oz...and we are officially UNDER the 5%, but he's growing along a curve that our PNP is happy with, so there's no concern. He LOVES his fruits, cheerios, saltine crackers, some of the veggies and we're working on the meats (he makes the funniest faces when he doesn't like something). For all the moms out there (and moms-to-be), Dr Brazelton's Touchpoints books are amazing for guiding you on developmental milestones & supporting you in helping your kiddo meet them (and reassuring you that each child is unique & learning is really all about playing!) Otherwise, we've been busy playing & cutting teeth & learning about life!