Friday, July 24, 2009

I took this video before our little dude got sick. He found one of the last spring-loaded door stoppers in the house (our master bath is the LAST room we have left to update...wooohooo!). Cole is a very curious little man & so much fun to entertain! His laugh makes us laugh, which in turn makes him's a lot of fun! He's still mischievous and has pulled a lamp off the end table at least 3 times (you'd think we'd figure out how to move it so he DOESN'T do that) and thankfully has not bonked his head with it. He loves the dog food bowls & I'm constantly moving them, but Zoe does very well with him & doesn't put up a fight (although if she did, maybe it would teach him a lesson...hmmmm????). This past week has been rather crazy, we were at the pedi's office 5 out of 6 days and had multiple shots & labwork done. We're only part-way through this whole ordeal, but hope & pray surgery is NOT the answer. He's back to his smiling & energetic self & we can always rely on the dogs to bring a smile & giggle to his face :) "Man's best friend" may need to be revamped to say "Cole-man's best friend!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Close up!

Here's Cole, going for the camera. He's already into electronics!

Little Dude

We'd like to dedicate this week's blog entry to our friends, Gabby, Amy & daughter Zoe as they welcome the newest member to their family, Ellis! We want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS and we are incredibly excited for y'all! Y'all are an amazing family and wonderful parents and have learned a lot by watching you with Zoe :) Welcome to Austin, Ellis, we cannot wait to meet you!

So, our "little dude" this week has gotten himself into some trouble ;) He's learned to move really well in his walker and zooms everywhere! He's managed to knock over a vase of flowers (fake, thankfully), throw hangers everywhere (hence the pic of the hangers under the walker), knock over my glass of tea (I cannot turn my head for even 30 seconds!), chew on my running shoes (the pic makes my feet look HUGE, but they're really not, he's just a little dude, literally!), and pull a lamp off the end table (which thankfully landed on the walker tray and NOT his head). And yes, that is all in a week's time! I'm pretty sure we're going to have our hands full with this bundle of joy. He's soooo close to crawling now. He goes back and forth from a military crawl to a caterpillar's really cute! He takes more and more interest in Zoe (our chihuahua) every day (although she wants NOTHING to do with him). And, he's turned into quite the chatterbox. He is a busy little bee!