Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cole-almost crawling!

Here's a video Craig took while I was at work...Cole is getting very close to crawling!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6 months + 4 weeks

Now that it has been over a month since I graduated, we are finally getting into a groove. Because the Spring semester was so hectic (one day in clinical, one day of class, two nights of work, studying, homework...every day was different) we are finally able to give Cole somewhat of a regular schedule and now I know when he'll sleep, when he wants to eat and it is soooo much better! It is a challenge though, that as a parent you want a good balance between structure and flexibility. Life, we all know, is certainly never predictable, but having a routine is important as we are all creatures of habit. Anyways, this past week I have really discovered a lot of new things about our 'bouncing baby boy'! He LOVES paper products...anything from magazines, to grocery lists to tags on toys. He likes to now play with eveyday items like remote controls to the tv & cell phones. He's taken an interest in our chihuahua and just giggles when we play chase with her! He's also taken an interest in household cleaning supplies from the Windex bottle (good thing I had my eye on him the whole time) to the vacuum cleaner and broom. And yes, I have already begun baby-proofing the house! The biggest change this week is that he started getting up on all fours and eating real food (I found that oatmeal cereal is much preferred over the rice cereal in taste and sweet potatoes were a huge hit)! I cannot believe how quickly it is all happening! He's also sitting up! His teacher at daycare has been working with him on sitting up on his own and I have seen a huge improvement this past week. Here are some pics from this week...

Monday, June 15, 2009

6 months + 3 weeks

We took a trip to Norman last weekend to see Dave get married! Another one bites the dust :) Here's a group photo of us at the wedding. Gramma & Grampa Chesser came over to watch Cole while we went to the wedding & reception. Cole is just about sitting up on his own and is really good a leaning forward to end up on his tummy! I think we're going to have to baby-proof the house in the very near future. He has also started throwing tantrums (believe it or not, a 6-month old CAN throw tantrums...I asked our nurse practitioner and he actually displayed said tantrum for her after she took the tongue depressor out of his hands that he was so happily shoving into his mouth). She thought it was more funny than concerning and had "the talk" with us about ignoring bad behavior and reinforcing good...I suppose I'm getting my repayment for my temper as a youngster ;) He now weighs 14 pounds 2 ounces and is STILL in the 5%...he's just a little guy (not that Craig and I are very big people...ha!). He is a GREAT workout when I put him in the baby bjorn (which just may be the best baby product ever invented)!

6 months +

With all the gifts we got at our baby showers and borrowed toys, I really hadn't bought Cole any toys...soooo, I figured I could splurge and bought him an exersaucer and it is AWESOME! He and I both really like it and he just giggles while he's in it! He also figured out how to play the piano...very cute! We also started rice cereal and Cole HATES it...dunno exactly what we're going to do. I think we may have pushed him a little early, so I think we're going to take a break from it for a few days and try again. I've tried different consistencies, adding applesauce, trying to make him smile through the mess, etc. and it's just not happening! Oh well, I'm sure he'll figure it out on his own time :) He also likes books, but would rather turn the pages and chew on the corners than actually let me read to least he's good at entertaining himself! He also started proficiently rolling over about 3 weeks ago...just after all the family was here for Memorial/Graduation weekend. But, I think he moves more successfully by scooting or spinning everywhere. He's able to get his knees underneath him and propel forward, but no crawling just yet :) He's really good at spinning in's pretty funny! Wow, can't believe how much there is to update (I guess it shows how far behind I am!). The other thing Cole has taken an interest is in tags on toys and clothes...he is fascinated by them and can play with them for hours (not really, but it keeps his attention for quite some time)! Weird, I'm not sure if it's the lettering or texture of them, but he really practices his pincer grasp when grabbing ahold of them!

I'm so behind!

OMG, I cannot believe how far behind I am in my posts! Yikes! Cole is now 6.5 months, so I'll have to back-track a bit. My family came down for Memorial Day weekend (also my graduation weekend...wooohooo! I can now focus solely on family life and being a wife & mother)! We had a wonderful time and were really excited that everyone could make it down together! Trina brought over Caitlyn's old walker and Cole took to using it right away! Here are some pics from the weekend. Cousin Nathan caught a ride on the back of the walker...too cute and Mimi had Cole laughing like crazy!