Friday, July 24, 2009

I took this video before our little dude got sick. He found one of the last spring-loaded door stoppers in the house (our master bath is the LAST room we have left to update...wooohooo!). Cole is a very curious little man & so much fun to entertain! His laugh makes us laugh, which in turn makes him's a lot of fun! He's still mischievous and has pulled a lamp off the end table at least 3 times (you'd think we'd figure out how to move it so he DOESN'T do that) and thankfully has not bonked his head with it. He loves the dog food bowls & I'm constantly moving them, but Zoe does very well with him & doesn't put up a fight (although if she did, maybe it would teach him a lesson...hmmmm????). This past week has been rather crazy, we were at the pedi's office 5 out of 6 days and had multiple shots & labwork done. We're only part-way through this whole ordeal, but hope & pray surgery is NOT the answer. He's back to his smiling & energetic self & we can always rely on the dogs to bring a smile & giggle to his face :) "Man's best friend" may need to be revamped to say "Cole-man's best friend!"

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