Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holidays, milestones, and more boys!!!

Well, we made it through the holidays, albeit cold and hit by a blizzard. Cole was certainly more into opening gifts this year than last...I dunno, something about being 3-weeks old during his first Christmas may have something to do with it :) He got lots of good gifts from the grandparents & family & friends, but of course, his favorites were the ribbons, bows, wrapping paper and boxes! Cole has been working on his vocabulary and is quite the chatterbox...most of the time unintelligible, but cute! He's working on walking and braves taking a few steps at a time. He is at the independent, I wanna do it myself, stage which is good for him to gain confidence, but rather challenging for those of us standing by...ha! He insists on pushing his own stroller (which is rather awkward in busy public places), but must be entertaining to those walking by. All-in-all, he seems to be developing by leaps and bounds and is very interested in other children! It's so interesting how they notice each other and share the same look of 'hey, you're just like me!'

As for the family, we continue our home search with open minds, but lacking results. We are throwing around the idea of building our own home, but we'll see what's in store! We're excited either way and thankful that we don't need to be in any rush. I think we have finally gotten everything switched over for phone numbers, addresses, emails, driver's licenses...the list goes on! It's amazing how much time and energy it takes to get things switched! Our biggest news of the month is that we are expecting a second BOY!!! He's very feisty (maybe more active than Cole was), so I have a feeling my hands will be full when he joins us in May or June. One of the many reasons we decided to move back to Tulsa was to try and help us (with support of family and friends) to change our ways of living to lead healthier lives. While we LOVED living in Austin, we both felt that we worked hard, but rarely played hard. So, our goals were to eat more at home, spend more family time together, find a good church we could call 'home,' among other things. We're trying to tackle them one at a time or at least in baby steps as not to feel overwhelmed. It is rather challenging to change our lifestyle, but it is nice to eat more at home (and see the resulting decrease in credit card charges!) and definitely spend a lot more family time together! We started attending the church my best-friend of 20+years attends and have enjoyed it so far! Hopefully this new year will represent a new 'us' and we hope it's a good new year for you too!


Torres Family said...

Loved reading this post. I think that's the best we all can do is to take baby steps to better ourselves. Anything bigger leaves too much room for failure (at least in my case it would). I also had no idea your boys would be so close together. That's awesome! Congrats.

Mandy said...

Good for you! I hope this is a positive change for your family. I'm sure it will be. It's hard to slow down once you are a family. I look forward to keeping up with you and your precious family. If you ever come the OKC way, please let me know!

La familia de Chesser said...

Thank you, ladies! I didn't realize I had 'posters' until I came back to post tonight :) This post, in particular, was a little hard for me as I challenged myself to open up a bit more than usual. Thank you so much for your response, it's so nice to have support of friends and know that we're not alone in our journey!