Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cole @ 4.5months

Cole is growing by leaps and bounds! He had his 4-month checkup this past week and he now weighs 12pounds 8ounces! He's meeting all the developmental milestones like cooing, smiling, rolling over (almost), holding his head up, etc.!!! He's also started laughing here and there and we can tell that he can really see things now. He is fascinated over colorful toys and books and we're having a hard time getting him to not be mesmerized by the television (oops...don't tell on us)! He'd taken to holding onto burp cloths, so we got him a true 'lovey' this's a cute little dog rattle with's amazing that at this young, holding onto something like that helps him to fall asleep. I got this video to upload finally and it's of him talking! He gets a little camera-shy and quiets when I talk to him, so you don't hear me much, but he and I usually talk back & forth quite a bit ;)

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Not-So-Wicked Stepmom said...

Too cute! What a talker! :) I like his little grins!