Sunday, February 15, 2009

Very talkative 10-weeker!

Cole is now 10 weeks and talking up a storm! He'll sometimes respond to us when we talk to him, and a lot of the time, he talks to himself after he wakes up from a nap or is chillin' in his swing. He smiles all the time and is officially out of the 'newborn' sizes :) He started noticing his Bevos on the mobile and we think it's hilarious! He's a Texas fan already...we love it! I'm trying to upload a video of him smiling and talking...hopefully it's not the best of his smiling and talking, but it's what I was able to record!

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Alicia said...

Dawn, he is awesome!! Wow, so expressive. And well done on your sling, young lady! Looking great. :) Miss you guys!