Sunday, February 8, 2009

9 weeks

We had our 2-month check up and Cole weighed 9 pounds 14 close to 10 pounds! He's now 21.5 inches long and almost out of the 'newborn' sizes (yes, he's a little guy)! We found out this past week that mimi & papa (yes dad, that's what Cole calls you *wink*), aunt Jessi, uncle Robert, aunt Connie, and cousin Nathan are all coming to visit in a couple of weeks! We're still hoping uncle Tommy may be able to find some way to make it down too ;) We are SOOOO excited b/c this will be the first time for the aunts, uncles & cousin get to meet Mr. Cole! Yes, Cole has a TON of nicknames...'lil man, Mr. Cole, mijo (an affectionate term to refer to "my son" or a contraction of mi hijo en espanol), just to name a few. There are others, but I'm having 'mommy brain' right now and can't remember them all...haha! Cole is smiling all the time now and is 'talking' more and more! Every once in awhile he will respond to us talking to him and it is so rewarding!

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Trina said...

The talking is more than "rewarding"..I remember thinking this is the part that kept me going with post-pregnancy everything...he is getting soooo big! I can't believe it's already been 9 weeks..and my husband is going to lose his mind if I don't have you guys over soon...let me know when your schedules clear so I can let the spouse see the cutie patootie....I might even cook dinner!