Wednesday, January 14, 2009

6 weeks already!

Well, we are now at the 6-week mark and like everyone has said, it is starting to get easier. We still have a ways to go with our sleeping habits, but at least he's doing more than crying non-stop or just going from sleeping to crying and only a few smiles here and there. He is smiling all the time now and will smile in response to our voices! We had a great time with the grandparents this past weekend and Cole smiled a lot for Grandma sweet! It is so much fun when they start to interact with you and recognize your voice! We took him up to Craig's office today to meet everyone and he did very well! Craig's cake had the message "Happy Birthday Cole's Dad"! There's a running joke at his office that once you have kids, you no longer have a first name and are know as "so-and-so's Dad"...haha! Kristy, Greg, & Bailey are coming this excited! And we get to see Aurea and Jason the following weekend!!! If I can ever get a quicker connection, I will upload some videos of Cole too :)

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