Monday, November 7, 2011

Being Green

And no, I'm not talking about being Green with envy or the color of Kermit the Frog or wishing you had more of it in your wallet :) I'm talking about being Earth-friendly!

After spending nearly a decade in Austin, TX, we picked up some Green habits, one of them being recycling. And while Tulsa offers curbside recycling, I opted-out because they only accept a few of the many recyclable items in their bin. Thankfully, Tulsa also offers a great resource for recycling household goods...The Met

So, I created our own little "recycling center" in our garage...

Doing their part!

Excited about recycling!

Here's how we have it set up...
  1. We separate out all the recyclables (as preferred by the recycling center). Items that the BA location accepts include:
      #1 Plastic
      #2 Plastic
      Paper Goods (magazines, newspaper, office paper)
      Paperboard (boxes that Kleenex, cereal, toothpaste, etc. come in)
      Aluminum Cans
      Batteries (household batteries - not just car batteries!)
      Plastic Lids
      Plastic shopping bags - reuse asl trash bags or take to Wal-Mart for recycling
      Paper shopping bags - I reuse almost all of what I have

    When we use up a Plastic, Glass or Aluminum item, we rinse it out (if needed), remove any outer stickers or paper/plastic wrap & place it in the corresponding bin. With Paperboard, we remove any inner plastic bags or attached plastic (like with cereal & Kleenex boxes).

  2. Once a month we take Paper Goods to our church and dump it in their Green paper bin (looks like a dumpster). Many schools and churches have these in their parking lots and they get money for recycling paper goods. So not only are you helping the environment, you are helping your local school/church! A tip: usually these items do not need to be separated, you can simply dump all your paper items into the bin.

  3. Once a month the boys and I take the remaining recyclables to The Met in Broken Arrow. There are usually people there to help unload the items and place them where they need to go (this is nice when the kids are in the car with me). This particular location works with the Gatesway Foundation...again, not only are you helping the environment, but you are helping a local charitable organization and others in need!

  4. Note: The Met doesn't take Plastic Lids, but Aveda in the mall accepts them.

Recycling is a small thing we can do to make a big difference - it provides products that can be broken down and reused as well as minimizing our landfills and leaving the Earth a better place for our future! Check out The Met for the closest recycling location to you!

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Kristy said...

We recycle as well, but I never thought to recycle the kleenex, toothpaste boxes, etc. Thanks for that tip!