Friday, October 14, 2011

IT'S A...


Cruel, I know, and not like me to tease. But now you know as much information as we do! Yes, it's true, we will not be finding out the sex of baby #3 until he/she makes his/her arrival in February. It's funny, when I tell people that we aren't finding out the sex of this baby, I get one of two very enthusiastic responses:

1) Oh, that is awesome! I wish I had/I want to do/I did do that with my kid(s)!


2) What?! Why?! That's going to drive me crazy!

The second response always makes me laugh because it should drive ME crazy being the mom, right?! Yet it's driving others crazy :) I should've expected this since we kept the boys' names a secret until they were born (which drove family and friends bonkers). And yes, we will keep the tradition running strong with this one! Maybe we have names picked out...and maybe we don't. Ok, I'll throw you a *small* bone, we're fairly certain we have decided on the names (one for a boy and one for a girl), but my lips are sealed...don't hit me!

Here is another pic from yesterday's sono...the little bugger was stubborn & wouldn't give us a good face shot but he/she did give us a high-five!

So, why do we (or mostly I) not want to find out this time when we found out with both the boys? I think there is something special and a bit romantic about waiting nine whole months to have that moment of excitement in the delivery room! And with the boys we were in a different place in our life where we felt we needed to be able to plan ahead. This time, baby #3 was a huge surprise in itself :)

And another pic with a thumbs-up (or the hitchhiker thumb LOL!)!

And to answer a commonly-asked question, I really do not have a preference on what I want it to be...a boy would be great, we think we have the boy-thing down(along with all the boy "stuff") and a girl would be fun because it would be something different! Also, I really have NOT A CLUE as to what we're having...I keep joking that it's a boy but we'll see...the ultrasound tech didn't even bother to look so she nor my doctor knows what we're having! It's gonna be fun!!!


Trina said...

man, you almost have me convinced to not find out should I ever conceive does sound somewhat romantic to not know, but then my normal OCD self rears it's head and says I would absolutely lose my mind..HAHA!...

Kristy said...

I'm still voting for a boy! I'm due three weeks before you with my third girl so it's only fair that you have three boys. :)

Cindy Morrison said...

I have to give it to u. Ur a lot stronger than I am. I would have to know, even though back when I had my children u didn't find out until they were born because they didn't do the ultrasounds like today. It will certainly be exciting on the babies birthday to find out what sex God has blessed u with.

AB said...

We didn't find out either. It was amazing. Our midwife didn't look when Jackson was born and let us really be the first to find out. I was so happy my baby was in my arms it took me a minute to look. Finally our midwife and the nurse said, well, what is it!! So I lifted that tiny little leg and yelled 'it's a boy!!' It really was amazing. We won't find out with number 2 either whenever that comes around. I love it!! Good for you. I think it drives everyone else crazier than it did me. I was more neurotic about my SIL than myself!