Thursday, March 18, 2010

Change is hard-part 2

I prefer to end on a lighter note, so now, onto happier times! Cole is amazing! He brings so much joy & light to our lives! He is walking like a pro, trying to run (rather humorous to watch because he falls every time!), talking like crazy, brushing his teeth (actually, he mimics everything we do) & is incredibly independent (uh oh!). He is just a TON of fun! I gave him a couple of drawers in the kitchen to keep his straws and burp cloths, however I have found random items in there, like one of my dress shoes and a screwdriver. Then, I found a Matchbox car in the toaster...ha! We have already experienced our fair share of tantrums, but are learning to decipher between 'frustrated tantrum' and 'not getting my way tantrum.' By far, the best developmental book I've seen (I've probably already mentioned it) is by Dr. Brazelton and it's called Touchpoints. It is my user's manual! Cole is still a little peanut (now at 15 months and doesn't weigh 20 pounds!), but his pedi has reassured us that since he's meeting all the developmental milestones, there's nothing to worry about and he's just going to be small. We're hoping for the world's fastest soccer player...ha! Baby boy #2 is currently due around the first of June and is a wild man! He has found my ribs, diaphragm, bladder, stomach...and the acid reflux is unbearable...I think we're having another hairy baby...haha! Here are some pictures of Cole over the last month or so...he wanted to help us move boxes & was very entertaining pushing them around the living room.


Torres Family said...

He is so stinkin cute! Super adorable. Congrats on your own space. Space is nice...very nice!

Trina said...

goodness....what an adorable family...I will try and figure out a way to get down there, over there, somewhere around there once your newest little one comes along....keep your chin up...change sucks, but oftentimes the growth that results makes us so much stronger....I like this one lately
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 TImothy 1:7