Wednesday, November 19, 2008

36 weeks...9 months!

We are now 36 weeks! He's so strong, I call him the 'kung-fu fighter.' We had another sonogram this morning and saw that he was 'practicing breathing' which is a good sign! Especially since we will be induced in 2 weeks...looks like our possible birthdate will be December 1, only 12 days away...scary :) If I have time, I'll scan his latest sono pics and post those too...

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Trina said...

YEEEAAAHHH! totally exciting and scary, and just enough stress to make you lose your hormonal mind...but oh what a blessing and a joy...and then it's back to totally exciting, and scary, and stress...HA!
YOu'll be fine girl, and Craig too, there's always a break-in period...this one don't have a warranty on..HA!